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What Our Clients Say

As a startup in the psychedelics industry we are a rapidly growing team in a rapidly changing space. The team at Ferrazzi Greenlight has already helped us on a number of fronts. Probably the most valuable part in the long term is helping to make the leadership team a cohesive unit that performs at a really high level. On top of it all, Keith, Ronen, Tim and the team are all fantastic to work with and genuinely devoted to helping us achieve our vision.
Joseph del Moral
Co-Founder & CEO
Field Trip Health
Keith and the team at Greenlight are masterful in helping leadership teams and their organizations create the deep connection and understanding needed to thrive today. It is especially important in a space where integrity and alignment are absolutely critical in order to create the positive impact in people's lives we seek. Keith and team get this, and our unique challenges, and have been hugely influential in the success of 1heart.
Brandon Evans
The Greenlight team and their philosophy for Co-Elevation® completely shifted our organizational culture almost overnight. Their accumulated wisdom and personal care form a combination I haven’t seen from coaches elsewhere, and their personal connection to plant medicine is palpable. I highly recommend working with Greenlight at any opportunity.
David Champion
Maya Health

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Increase in sales team productivity


Net Promoter increase in confidence of impacting business results through elevated credibility, trust, and process understanding


Reduction in costs through increased organizational efficiency and collaboration


More time of the founder to focus on other strategic objectives


Reduction in the new product design and delivery time

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